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Brand development is a multi-faceted combination of specialist talents - such as graphic artists, photographers, web designers and copywriters - to deliver the highest possible profile.

Dawn Holding brings them together, as required, for her strategic marketing plans that identify objectives, tactics, methods of delivery and develop a monthly critical path to ensure all activity is pre-planned and implemented at the most effective time.

Identifying your best user groups and then developing a programme for establishing, maintaining and expanding contact with them is only the first step in targeting new and repeat business.

Brand identity needs to be built on websites that are properly-written and expertly optimised if they are to achieve the visibility and results you expect.

Sales messages need promoting in hard copy and online guides and directories … by exposure through the right industry organisations … key industry players … influential opinion formers and decision makers … the exhibitions and awards sectors … local civic and retail representative associations … and appropriate professional organisations … at least.

Add to that the benefits of a properly maintained database … the possibility of a custom-designed loyalty scheme … ongoing front-of-house staff training … and a professional ‘doctoring’ service that identifies aspects of an operation that can be constructively improved or changed.

That’s the sort of comprehensive service that Dawn Holding provides.

And it’s one call away … 07766 753310

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