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Most businesses have a website to promote their services and products.

A well planned, well written and professionally designed website can achieve high rates of goal conversion; but has to be seen if it is to achieve its primary aim.

And that’s what lies at the core of an online marketing strategy.

Websites need to be ranked by the search engines – otherwise your website is never shown in response to anything other than the most obvious Google or Yahoo! enquiry.

That’s where optimisation comes in … along with ‘pay per click’ campaigns, Google Adwords, banner advertising, link building, blogging, viral marketing and what, many people regard as the mysteries of social network marketing.

This is a world where Facebook, LinkedIn and even Twitter can raise your profile even more and attract new customers as well as continuing to influence existing ones.

The Internet is a living entity with enormous power. To harness it and make it part of a modern marketing strategy –

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